How To Fix .avi Codec Loading

Stop wasting time with computer errors.

  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect
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    Sometimes your system may display an error code indicating that an .avi codec is being loaded. There can be several reasons for this error.

    At Softonic, we scan all real files hosted on our platform for verification, avoiding potential problems with your device. Our team reviews the gameplay every time a new app is downloaded and checks the data regularly to confirm or update their good reputation. This complete process allows us to set the status for each uploaded file like this:


    Most of this software is likely clean.

    What does this mean?

    How do I Download AVI codec for Windows Media Player?

    Left click, click download button from Xvid codec download site. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the codec to your computer. Once your organization has finished downloading, you need to left-click or even press the Run button to complete the codec installation work.

    We have checked all files and URLs associated with this system program against over 50 leading antivirus services in the world; detected without any possible threat.


    This program is potentially malicious or may contain unwantedSmart software included.

    Why do you see that the software is available?

    Based on the current system of analysis, we have determined that these indicators may be false positives.

    What is a false alarm?

    This means that a safe program is erroneously flagged as malicious due to an overly strong signature or detection algorithm when used in an antivirus program.


    download .avi codec

    It is likely that my software is malicious or bundled with unwanted software.

    Why is this package no longer available in your On directory?

    From our analytics system, we both found that these signals are often very positive.

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    If you are planning to add the AVI codec back to Windows Media Player next to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, this method is the correct one. In this guide, we will show you how to play AVI in Windows Player. Follow the instructions below and also learn how to run the AVI codec on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 because your good Windows Media Player, like all other codecs, may not support it.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet provided ads in the Windows Media Player app for the AVI codec you bring with you when you install the plan. The AVI file format is also created using this DivX video encoding method. Trying some settings in Windows Player Music, we will do this during playbacki have your avi formats in the app.

    If Windows Media Player is unable to play the AVI, you may also receive one of the following error messages:

  • Invalid file format Error=8004022F
  • The file could not be read in time. The format is not supported and will never be supported. Error=80040265
  • Unable to play video clip stream: A suitable decompressor may not have been found. Error=80040255
  • The combination of filters to display the view may not be found. Error=80040218
  • The source filter for this image could not be loaded. Error=80040241
  • Windows Media Player cannot open the filename. You need to reboot to fully install the downloaded component. Make sure the path and file name are correct and try again. Error=80004005
  • One or more codecs required to open this content could not be found. Error=C00D10D1
  • Video not available, search for "VIDS:xxxx" decompressor.
  • Free loading into a suitable decompressor error=80040200 is not possible
  • Instructions For Adding The AVI Codec To The PlayerWindows Media Ripper

    How do I get an AVI codec?

    Double click a type. avi that you expect will play the player The purpose of Windows Media. In the Now Playing section, right-click the exclamation point in front of the file name and select Error Details. Click on the web help for information about this missing codec and how to enable it if the codec is available for download in the market.

    1. Double-click the AVI file you want to view with Windows Media Player.
    2. Windows will tell you that you don't have the required codecs to run this file format.
    3. You may then have to left-click and even hit the "Online Help" radio button, which is in the lower right corner, less visible in the message.
    4. Immediately after clicking the "Web Help" button, your new Windows OS will open the specific default web browser used by families.
      Note. In most cases, Internet Explorer is a standard web browser.
    5. This will take you to almost any website where you need to download the specified codecs.
    6. Search for "MPEG-4 codec (Xvid)".
    7. Left click or tap on my "WMPlugins" link to open this page on the website.
    8. Clicking on the link above will redirect you to the download site for the Xvid codec.
    9. Pause left or tap the download icon on the Xvid codec download site.
    10. Follow the instructions in the window carefully to download the codec to your computer.
    11. ByAfter the download is complete, you need to left-click or press the "Run" button to start the codec installation process.
    12. Follow the instructions on the current screen to complete the installation.
    13. Your website should now left-click, or perhaps even press close, to the point where a message appears stating that Windows Media Player is asking you not to support the codecs required to run the currently specified file.
    14. Close Windows Media Player.
    15. Restart your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system.
    16. After rebooting the system, try opening the AVI image again and see if it works.

    download .avi codec

    K-Lite Codec Pack, built with Windows Media Player codecs, is one of the most complete codecs you can install on your computer. So if you have probably downloaded several codec packs, but unfortunately WMP still doesn't play AVI files, try adding K-Lite to Windows.

    How do I Download codecs?

    You can set Windows Media Player to automatically download and play codecs. To do this, open Tools > Options and click the Reading tab. Check the "Download codecs separately" box and click "OK". You can also download and create codecs manually.

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