Galaxy S3 Troubleshooting Tips Like Kernel Flashing

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    If you see a Galaxy S3 with a flashed core, this article will help you.

    arter97 for Galaxy S3 Core
    This core is no longer maintained!

    /* Overview */

    Support Android 5.1 Lollipop, CyanogenMod 11. Samsung 0, Android 4.4.4 ROM based on Touchwiz

    /* Details */

    Android 4.4 Added additional free KitKat KB tweaks for better memory management

    /* Additional Information */

    Based on the source ShV-E210S

    Samsung Kernel invites you to integrate massive updates to Android 4.4 kernel with Android 4.1 kernel. Based on the source code of the SHV-E210S core, the arter97 core is likely to be far ahead of other CyanogenMod based cores that are slowly falling behind.

    dual boot

    The arter97 kernel implements a simple but flexible multi-boot solution that doesn’t require custom custom recovery. It’s faster and also perfect for a raw data extraction method rather than slow image looping.

    galaxy s3 wie kernel flashen

    First, expand the PhilZ recovery (CWM) and flash arter97-multi-boot.zip. Any ZIP files you then flash will likely be stored in the second ROM location (/data/arter97_secondrom) until you exit and recovery mode.

    Reboot to the 1st ROM, use the installed “aSwitch” update to control the 2nd ROM. You can’t choose between two ROMs on first boot.

    one . The /system partition of the second ROM will always be R/W due to limitations.
    * Restore backup and does not work with second ROM. Don’t try this if users don’t want your entire device to be completely disabled.
    * Do not choose to delete data to install a second ROM! Instead, data from the 1st ROM may be lost.
    Advanced mDNIe control

    The arter97 core is equipped with AndreiLux’s advanced mDNIe control, so all controls remain within reach from the screen in the palm of your hand.


    Click Wake.

    Sensory awakening has been greatly improved in the arter97 kernel. Not only does it implement a “wake up” feature, but you can now set a minute for it to start separately under load, and make it work when the physical button is also held down.


    arter97 can make the kernel the latest toolkit in Linaro. The Linux kernel compiler maintains profiles originally ported from Linux 3.16 to provide further bug fixes and general compiler improvements. control


    The memory core is only loaded in the latest Linux 3.0.101. This provides improved stability, performance, storage and management. However, many developers fail to properly adapt Samsung CMA service memory to Linux 3.0.101. The arter97 kernel is definitely the only safe boot kernel in Linux 3.0.101, which means CMA, better memory management than other kernels.

    If you are using Android 4.4 KitKat, the ROM can work with arter97, this type of kernel really improves memory management even more.

    file system
    galaxy s3 wie kernel flashen

    Battery and /sdcard access speed has also undoubtedly improved by using Samsung sdcardfs and removing Google’s backup implementation. Users can disable sdcardfs for To foldermount to work properly.

    FAT32 latency has been reduced and I/O (asynchronous) has also been ported from Linux 3.6 with improved latency.


    The arter97 kernel is currently the first Android kernel (since 2013/08) to directly offer full f2fs support with certain partition settings. If you manage to make one from an ext4 switch when you want f2fs, your device’s flash components could theoretically run 2x faster. The arter97 kernel also keeps the latest version of f2fs from 3 linux.19+ at all times. This f2fs is getting even faster, cheaper and more reliable than other Android kernels.

    A PhilZ recovery specifically for f2fs users makes it easy to change. Install kernel and recovery, move /data and /cache, done.

    Boeffla sound engine

    The Boeffla sound engine is the only custom sound engine available in the arter97 core. Download “Boeffla Sound Control” from the Google Play Store.

    Android recorder control

    Android Logger, also known as Logcat, can consume a lot of unnecessary data even if you don’t need it. You can explicitly disable the Android recorder, or you can clear it yourself after the screen turns off (this is usually the default).

    Charts Mali

    The arter97 kernel uses poslSingle Mali driver available for Samsung Exynos 4412, r3p2 phones. Also, it needs the latest Mali blobs from the N7100 ROM, which is longer than the GT-I9300 ROM.

    Automatic core panic sign for dumpers

    If you are using a modified kernel, you may experience unexpected crashes, including sudden reboots. You should check the kernel log and report it to the developer to help you, but this element can be very tedious to dump and send. To make life easier for you, the arter97 kernel quickly clears the kernel log when a kernel panic occurs and saves it to /sdcard/arter97.

    Main camera shutter sound control

    The arter97 core will definitely force the subwoofer on and off while the rear camera does its job. Since this is a kernel-side implementation of the site, it does not need to support the ROM aspect. Management is available through aTweaks.

    energy accelerator

    Powerboost is often a feature that dynamically improves your device’s performance when connected to an external 12 volt charger. Since during the usualrows of energy saving device is not required, at this time you can achieve much higher speeds.

    booster boat

    Boost Download is a feature that can slightly reduce your download time by up to 20 minutes. It uses a “fast” processor with “no operations”, an I/O scheduler, and 1024 KB read-ahead from device boot time.


    aTweaks is just a live kernel checker designed for Arter97 kernels based on STweaks. You can control almost every aspect of the arter97 core. It is generally recommended to install BusyBox before using it.


    aSwitch is the arter97 kernel dual boot option. It can wipe second ROMs /system, /data and /cache. You can also share /sdcard in aSwitch.

    /* Warning */

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

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